Erinos 7€ (local ingredients)

Lemongrass and coffee infused Brandy, grapefruit, lime, orgeat, “Erinos”Fig.

One Punch 7,5€

White Rum, aged Rum, Fassionola syrup, homemade Fallernum liqueur, homemade peach liqueur, Angostura Bitters.

Nut fashioned 7,5€ (local ingredients)

Peanut butter infused Rum, green apple, salted honey.

Beetloma 9€ (local ingredients)

Beetroot and mastiha infused Tequila, strawberries, fresh lime juice, bubbles.

Quince of noise 6.5€ (local ingredients)

Chios’ Vodka, homemade quince liqueur, quince marmalade, local Ouzo, green Chartreuse liqueur, fresh lemon juice.

Painkillers among us 7,5€

White Rum, aged Rum, Thai Spices mix infused Butterscotch liqueur, bloddy orange, pinneaplle.

Bramble Peak 7,5€

Lavender infused Gin, blueberries, white tea infused homemade lemonade, fresh lemon juice.

Sunny Negroni 7€ (local ingredients)

Homemade bitter liqeuer, mastiha infused Gin, Vermouth bianco.

Another Clockwork fruit 7€ (local ingredients)

Pennyroyal and juniper infused Chios’ Vodka, tangerine marmalade, aloe vera syrup, Angostura bitters, tonic.

Peer to Pear 8.5€ (local ingredients)

Mastiha liqueur, homemade Vermouth, pears infused local brandy.

Ops, spagliato 9€

Tequila bianco, Sherry, Prosecco, Balsamic honey, Lapsang tea infused Elderfloweρ syrup.

Gellie Passions 7.5€

Gin, sage liqeuer, passion fruit, appricot.

Brain Freezed 7.5€ (served frozen)

Coconut Rum, kiwi, Fallernum liqeuer, fresh lime juice.       

Summer rose 7.5€ (local ingredients)

Rose infused Vodka, rassberries, honey, Otto’s Athens Vermouth, fresh lime juice.

Blackbeard’s story 9€

White Rum, aged rum, Bourbon, melon and mango mix, ginger and cardamom syrup, fresh lemon juice.  

Cherry Spritz 8€

Vodka, Oz’s Aperitivo Formula, cherry, fresh lemon juice, soda.