Beer List



FISCHER BLONDE 5%alc. 330ml 4.5€ | 500ml 6€

Fischer is a Pilsener type beer. It is characterized by the light color, the distinctive presence of the hops in the aroma, the fine bitter taste and the dry finish.


FRESH CHIOS BEER BLONDE House Ale 4,9%alc. 330ml 5.8€

Produced in Kampos of chios island from fine varieties of malt and whole hops. Fermented and aged in limited quantities, without any preservatives or other additives. This beer is bottled unfiltered and unpasteurized to preserve all the flavor and characteristics.

MC FARLAND RED, Ale 5,6%alc. 330ml 6.5€

The red color is by itself attractive. But it becomes even more irresistible in this Irish Ale beer. Aromas and flavors of red fruits, caramel, malt and clove alternate and excite. The mouth is full and at the same time light with a bittersweet finish, rich in toffee.

SOL LAGER 4,5%alc. 330ml 5€

A blond lager, famous and popular all over the world, if you are looking for a light and refreshing beer… this is the one!

GUINNES STOUT 5%alc. 330ml 6.8€

The biggest-selling stout beer in the world. It has been produced in Ireland since 1759. It stands out for its velvety flavor, the roasted caramel aroma and its characteristic creamy foam. It is known all over the world for its authentic black color due to the roasted barley added during the fermentation.

LA TRAPPE QUADRUPEL 10%alc. 330ml 8.5€

A unique beer whose test is a real experience. Its flavors start from the amber color and continue into the well-formed foam, move on to the complex canvas of aromas of mature fruits, black fruits, spices, cumin, vanilla, burnt sugar and end in the richness of citrus, herbs, spices and caramel. It is creamy and pleasantly bittersweet. Her character is mainly due to the maturation in wooden barrels.

BUDWEISER LAGER 5%alc. 330ml 5€

It has been produced since 1876. It is the No 2 beer in the world (the No. 1 is Bud Light). Budweiser contains barley malt, water, rice (for this it has a crisp taste), hops and yeast.

BUCKLER FREE LAGER 0,5%alc. 330ml 4.5€

Light beer made from natural ingredients, with distinctive aromas of yeast and barley.