Five Senses Menu

During the previous decade, the bartending scene experienced its greatest prosperity globally, worth of the corresponding trend of the colorful and fantasy cocktails of the 80’s. Who can forget the 1988 film “Cocktail” featuring the charming Tom Cruise presenting his ellaborate moves behind the bench? The aftermath of this revival, intrigued professionals into seeking more ellaborate knowledge regarding the ingredients and cooking process of mixes, prepared nowadays in a fully equiped kitchen in our bar – restaurants, which creates a sense of confusion to the customer, who needs to know what he is tasting.

At OZ, upon noting this problem, we felt we had two ways of going. One was, returning to the use of basic well known ingredients as well as simplifying the mixology process. We quickly realized that this would be a compromise and a limitation which would come against our continuous strive for innovation and development. So, we had to think of another way. A way that would turn the understanding of the new techniques in mixology as well as the benefit of including new ingredients in it, easily comprehend by our customers.

So, we have created a space in our premises, where customers, can get all the information regarding the preparation and the ingredients used in their cocktail of choice, asking them to use all five of their senses. By deconstructing the final product to the ingredients used, anyone can see, taste, smell, touch and even hear useful information about these ingredients, engaging in this interactive presentation what new technologies have to offer, provided it is necessary. You are more than welcome to seek the assistance of our qualified staff for a free tour in the Five Senses Display Area.