The OZ salad basket was a dream of OZ cocktail bar’s team which came true. It is a van of 60s which is completely reconstructed and converted into a modern mobile cocktail bar, ready to travel all around Greece. In the past it was used by casinos to carry money. The French police named it “salad basket” on the ground that it was carrying “the lettuce” which means money in slang French language.

Today it is used by the members of OZ cocktail bar’s team offering high standards of quality in serving cocktails which are adjusted in any occasion. Also, it is the mastiha project’s main mean of promotion promoting the mastic as materia prima in bars and restaurants. 

The OZ salad basket can be used from professionals in a wide variety of events. Available for advertisements, promotions, receptions, caterings and much more. It is also available for rent from advertisement companies which want to have an eye-catching mean of promotion for their products. Finally, it is provided for corporations with other catering companies and its transfer is our responsibility.

Lets travel in 4 wheels….