World class 2017

In the semi-final of the most important and demanding challenge of cocktails which took place in Noel bar of Athens, the Oz cocktail bar was represented by Jacob Kostantas  (2nd place in Nikka perfect serve 2016, 2nd place in Angostura global cocktail challenge 2016, 3rd place in Havana grand prix 2016). The judges were impressed by Jacob who made a recipe based on Cardhu Amber asking from them to use their five senses to figure out the final drink.

He used a handmade wooden monopoly board (made by Mr.Toninio) whose every side was devoted to a sense. The judges could taste, touch smell the ingredients and could listen a recording message giving information about the drink. The making procedure of the cocktail was hidden so the judges had no vision of what he was doing. That strategy was based on real working conditions when the guest in the bar has no eye contact with the bartender.

After explaining all the ingredients he used in his recipe, he tried to give a boost to judges’ impression and he made them watch a funny video with a panda in a zoo from an ipad which was in the back side of the wooden board. A wide smile came up to their faces and Jacob got excellent reviews. He passed in the finals of the “world class” cocktail challenge in the middle of May and he made us proud once again.

Special Thanks to:

Avgoustina Zervoudi for the texts’ translation.

Antoni Saliari and Mr.Toninio for the handmade wooden monopoly

Pandora’s kitchen for the support