Nikka Perfect Serve 2016

Iakovos Konstants took part in one of the most trustworthy cocktail challenge in Greece. The name of that challenge was “ Nikka’s Perfect Serve” and its concept was to perfectly serve potential guests who were the judges. The latters like actors pretended the demanding clients and they pushed the bartenders to the edge, trying to make them lose their temper. The most attractive aspect of that challenge was that it was based on real life working conditions. There are many types of clients and a proper bartender should be there for everyone being kind and friendly. Iakovos Konstantas won the 2nd place making his family, friends, guests and the Oz cocktail bar proud and proving once again that he belongs in elite of Greek bartenders. While working in Oz cocktail bar he has had the opportunity to participate in many cocktail challenges and been active and creative every day (4th in Mediterranean Cocktail Challenge 2014, 2nd in Angostura Cocktail Challenge 2015, 2nd in Nikka Perfect Serve 2016). In Nikka’s challenge, Alexandros Sourbatis got the 1st place who is working as bar manager in Spinte Whiskey Bar in Thessaloniki, as judge in many competitions and he was also the winner of Havana Grand Prix 2014.