Different varieties salads with quinoa, chicken, tomato and pomegranate sauce.

Shrimp cocktail with fresh salad and pink sauce with alcohol.

Mozzarella and tomato bocconcini stick with pesto sauce.

Traditional Italian Arancini with shrimps, parmesan, fresh onion, tomato & bisque sauce.

Handmade blinis with crab salad, peppers and chives.

Mexican Tacos with chicken, fresh vegetables, coriander and yoghurt sauce.

Grilled salmon with fresh salad and tartar sauce.

Mini brioche chicken burger with edam, crispy beacon and mustard sauce

Grilled veal meat with baby potato and demi glace sauce.

Shrimps risotto with feta cheese and ouzo sauce.

Traditional orange pie flavored with vanilla and orange zest. Served with ice cream.

Mini cup cake with biscuit, cheesecake cream and wild cherries.

Brownies with bitter chocolate, crispy caramel with hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream.